Period / Frequency Converter in R

A simple but handy tool

For some time I have been delving deeper into the interesting world of Spectral Analyses.

So far I have been delighted, as this is one of those academic techniques that is broadly applicable, and can teach you a lot about various topics.

I started using spectral analyses in the context of cardiology. However, as I learn more about it, it also teached me about music theory, higher harmonics, and color spectra. Just awesome how such differing topics can be closely linked!

However, I am rambling a bit. What I wanted to give you is this; a Period / Frequency Converter in R. When I first learned about spectral analyses I struggled a bit with the frequency and period units.  As such, I programmed this little tool to easily convert periods to frequencies and back again. Feel free to try and use it! You can find it on my Github page: