Period / Frequency Converter in R

A simple but handy tool

For some time I have been delving deeper into the interesting world of Spectral Analyses.

So far I have been delighted, as this is one of those academic techniques that is broadly applicable, and can teach you a lot about various topics.

I started using spectral analyses in the context of cardiology. However, as I learn more about it, it also teached me about music theory, higher harmonics, and color spectra. Just awesome how such differing topics can be closely linked!

However, I am rambling a bit. What I wanted to give you is this; a Period / Frequency Converter in R. When I first learned about spectral analyses I struggled a bit with the frequency and period units.  As such, I programmed this little tool to easily convert periods to frequencies and back again. Feel free to try and use it! You can find it on my Github page:

Choosing the most suitable Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor Comparison table

Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) can be used to monitor the condition and performance of the heart. Therefore, they are regularly considered for health-, sport-, and research purposes.

During my study into identifying transitions in depressive symptoms using Heart Rate- and Activity data, we gained some experience in the selection and operation of HRMs.

As such information might be useful for clinicians, researchers, and other people alike, I would like to share our findings with you in this HRM Comparison Table.

If you would like to discuss the selection and operation of HRMs with me, or if you would like to share your experiences with HRMs, feel free to contact me.